Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thoughts over the Atlantic

Greetings from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I can scarecly take it all in. This is the beginning of a new chapter. This is what the wait has been all about. In near about 12 hours the wait will begin fading from our memories and in its place, joy. So far the journey has been good. Can you believe that Ryan and I were an answer to someone else's prayer? We arrived at the airport at the zippy hour of 4am, feeling slightly loopy from the 2 1/2 hours sleep that we managed the previous night. When we arrived at the ticket counter we found that we had beat the agents to their posts by 30 minutes. Within the first minute of arriving we had already met someone that sounds a little bit like me. Try this out. She is on her way to Ethiopia (remember, we are at Metro, just trying to make it to Washington DC where we will get our ticktes for Ethiopian Air), she is on the same flight as we are, she has one of her bags packed with items she will be taking to the orphanage she plans on visiting. She homeschools her three children, (2 boys, 1 girl) and she used to be a teacher. She is a Christian. Oh, and her name is Juile. Yeah. Julie is traveling alone to Ethiopia and ultimately Kenya and was a little nervous over the entire ordeal. She prayed that she would meet someone so she would not be alone. We were able to arrange seats together and it has been nice getting to know her. She is a gifted singer and she allowed us to download her song called "The Promise" that speaks of the faithfulness of God and being steadfast during the wait. I know God intended for me to hear that song today!

When we arrive in Kigali it will be about noon their time. I hope to drop off our bags and jet over to the orphanage. Sunday we are going to have a chance to visit a local church, go sightseeing, and of course visit with our daughter. Please pray for our time in Rwanda especially. There is the chance that we could leave Rwanda a day or two early which would actually make Ethiopia a much easier visit as well. Please also pray that we will not get sick! This is a concern of mine in our third world country! Pray that our hearts will be touched forever from Aliya's orphanage and birthplace, and that we will take proper steps to honor that touch. This is a big deal! And please pray for family at home.

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Josh's Blog said...

Mom and Dad,
I can't wait to see me new little sister I love her so much already! love you too!!!